Zamil Industrial Coatings (ZINDCO), is a group company belonging to the Zamil Group, based in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Zamil Group has over hundred group and affiliated companies in the manufacturing, trading, and services sector. Some of the prominent companies in the Group are Zamil Steel, Zamil Plastics, Zamil Food, Zamil Air Conditioners, Zamil Aluminum, Zamil Glass, Zamil Operations & Maintenance Co. Ltd..

Zamil Group has over 10,000 people employed in factories, manufacturing plants and offices in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, as well as the Arabian Peninsula, and Houston, USA.

Zamil Management at all levels is committed to providing the best quality for our coated products. We have researched the quality requirement for our process for several years to ensure our complete understanding of these requirements. Our equipment and testing instruments are designed primarily with quality coating in mind.

Zamil Industrial Coatings (ZINDCO) was formed in 1997 to provide quality coatings to the construction industry within Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf. We are pioneers in powder coatings, with Zamil Coatings, Bahrain, formed in 1983, being the first coater in the Gulf. Zamil Coatings, Bahrain, and Zamil Industrial Coatings, Dammam, Saudi Arabia, continues be the market leaders in powder coatings in the Gulf, and is reputed for its quality and service.

Zamil Industrial Coatings, Saudi Arabia, applies three types of powder coatings – Polyester – on Aluminum profiles and sheets; PVC (Thermoplastic) on Conduit pipes, elbows, fittings, etc. and on fencing materials; Epoxy on Deformed Wire Mesh & Rebars (used in Concrete).

We have approval from ARAMCO, SCECO & QATAR PETROLEUM for our powder coating.

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To Be the premiere competent protective coating applicator, service provider regionally serving our growing portfolio of customers with highly accredited quality rewarded by satisfaction & Business excellence.