Our Strategy

Zamil Industrial Coatings is a leader in the Powder Coating Industry, with the first Zamil Powder Coating plant set up in Bahrain over 30 years ago. Our aim is to continue to be the leader despite competition from cheap coating facilities springing up around us. This Strategy of being quality conscious and treating customer with fairness has ensured that over the years, we still continue to be the leader in this sector of metal protection.


Zamil Industrial Coating also ensures that in the process of doing business the environment is equally protected.  We set the environmental standards that others are following to this day. Our industrial plant had to have the latest technology in the waste water treatment area. Prior to selecting a system we consulted with over thirty suppliers of RO (Reverse Osmosis) units, filter presses, clarifiers, etc.

We consulted with the Saudi authorities to ensure we were not only meeting, but surpassing all waste water enffluent treatment requirements. Finally we selected the foremost authority from the United Kingdom & Italy as our enfluent waste water treatment system supplier. They were the best - and we wanted only the best environmental protection available on the market.

The "wet" coating system have very high VOC (volatile organic compound) which is extemely dangerous to the environment. As we are powder coating - our environmental impact is virtually nil. Our coatings are bio-degredable providing freedom from pollution and unhealthy solvents. Unlike "wet" coating, powder is re-cyclable, providing a great reduction in waste disposal.

Again - the extreme effort was used in protecting the envrironment in Saudi Arabia.