POLYESTER POWDER COATINGS: as per BS 6496Polyester Powder Coatings in various colours designated by RAL numbers. Please contact us for your colour requirements. Some colours can also be specially matched to requirements. a. Polyester Powder Coatings on Aluminium:Polyester powder coatings are... more
PVC (THERMOPLASTIC) POWDER COATINGS:a. PVC Powder Coatings on Electrical Conduit Pipes: as per NEMA RN-1 PVC coatings are applied externally on galvanized electrical conduit pipes and elbows of various diameters. For standardization purposes, the colour applied will be Grey. The hot dip galvanized... more
PVC (PLASTISOL) LIQUID COATINGS:  as per NEMA RN-1   PVC (Plastisol) liquid coatings are typically applied externally on electrical fittings. For standardization purposes, the colour applied is Grey. The hot dip galvanized posts and accessories are sweep blasted to achieve good adhesion between the... more
FUSION BONDED EPOXY COATING : as per ASTM A888Fusion Bonded Epoxy powder coating is applied on deformed rebar and deformed wire mesh used in the building construction industry. This application can also be used for other products based on customer requirements. The typical thickness of the coating... more