Mission & Vision

Having the latest Technology equipment to do the superior quality coating was one thing - using this equipment was another.

Our mission and vision is and has been to  produce top quality powder coated finishes for the  customer, by providing them the opportunity to powder coat products at very reasonable cost.

Over a period of over 30 years, we have perfected the art of powder coatings.  The materials that we powder coat include steel & aluminium. The types of powder coating we specialize in are Polyester, Thermoplastic, PVC, Fusion Bonded Epoxy.  Our customers demand a finish that is superior to all other finishes in durability, appearance and functionality.  We offer a variety of colors and textures to meet the customers needs and this has been a mainstay of our business. We are well known for supplying quality finishes that meet our customers demanding needs.

In order to ensure that we are doing all that is required, we applied the most stringent quality control standards in the Gulf. Following ASTM, British, and ARAMCO standards we set up a quality assurance program - possibility the best in the Middle East. Each step of our process is closely monitored as per the requirements of these standards. All Zamil companies place quality first - ZINDCO is no exception.


                                                    That's just Zamil's way... of doing business.